Undoing Complexity...

Experience the epitome of efficiency with Bot Orchestrator

Offering centralized control for running, tracking, and managing all your bots from a single, user-friendly location. Achieve a new level of orchestration that simplifies your automation landscape.

On-Premise Control - Secure and Customizable

Elevate your security and customization standards by utilizing your infrastructure for bots and orchestrator deployment. With Bot Orchestrator, maintain control over data access, ensuring a secure and tailored automation environment that aligns with your organizational needs.

Unlimited Parallel Bots - Scalability Redefined

Scale your automation capabilities seamlessly by executing multiple parallel bots on the same or different machines. Bot Orchestrator empowers you to optimize resource usage, saving on unnecessary infrastructure costs while boosting overall operational efficiency.

Multiple Tools Support - Unleashing Compatibility

Embrace flexibility with Bot Orchestrator, supporting a myriad of automation tools capable of producing standalone bots. From Robocorp to TagUI and Python bots, our orchestrator accommodates diverse toolsets, ensuring compatibility and versatility in your automation ecosystem.

Why Choose Bot Orchestrator for Your Automation Needs?


Streamline your automation processes with centralized control and efficient bot management.


Maintain data control and security by utilizing on-premise infrastructure for orchestrating your bots.


Redefine scalability with the ability to run unlimited parallel bots, optimizing resource utilization.

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