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CopyCat: The Universal Copying Tool

Revolutionize your workflow with CopyCat, the all-in-one solution for extracting and translating text from any source imaginable. From websites to videos, printed pages to handwritten notes, CopyCat seamlessly captures it all, making data access effortless and reliable for users in every industry.

Unleash the power of CopyCat

Your ultimate text extraction and translation companion, effortlessly handling everything from web pages to handwritten scribbles, revolutionizing data access across industries.

Seamless Copying from Any Interface

With CopyCat, seamlessly capture text from any interface, including web pages, desktop applications, videos, and images. Even in complex scenarios like overlapping text in videos or intricate handwritten notes, our advanced OCR technology ensures unmatched accuracy, making CopyCat an essential tool for professionals handling diverse data formats.

Multilingual Translation Capabilities

CopyCat excels in translating copied text into over 50 languages, making it invaluable for multilingual environments. Whether translating a simple document or complex text from an image, CopyCat delivers swift and accurate translations, preserving the original text’s nuances with robust language models.

High Accuracy and Reliability

Accuracy is at the heart of CopyCat’s functionality, offering precise text extraction and translation. Whether dealing with high-resolution images or low-quality videos, CopyCat’s advanced algorithms ensure reliable results, making it a dependable tool for professionals requiring meticulous data handling.

GDPR Compliant and Secure

CopyCat ensures your data’s security and privacy by being fully GDPR compliant. This guarantees that all user data is handled with the highest care, adhering to the latest data protection regulations, and maintaining the utmost standards of data privacy and security.

Empower Your BPO/KPO Workflow with CopyCat

CopyCat is a powerful tool designed to enhance productivity in BPO and KPO industries with its seamless document extraction and translation capabilities. It offers high accuracy and robust security features, making data management more efficient. Whether you’re handling complex multilingual documents or extracting precise information from various sources, CopyCat is tailored to meet and exceed the demands of your operations. Transform your document processing workflows with CopyCat today.

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